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QUALIFIER #3 - San Diego, CA

San Diego BMX

San Diego BMX
San Diego, CA



Registration Information

Registration for this event will be available online soon.

Five Triple Crown Classes Available Are: 
12" eDrive 3yrs old
12" eDrive 4yrs old
16" eDrive 5yrs old
16" eDrive 6yrs old
16" eDrive 7yrs old

Additional Race Classes Available Are:

18" eDRIVE 8yrs old

18" eDRIVE 9yrs old

20" eDRIVE 10yrs old

20" eDRIVE 11yrs old

20" eDRIVE 12yrs old

One open class is available for riders wishing to race mixed ages or the 16" Elite.

16eDRIVE Open Class 6-8 year old

Practice Information

Practice Information will be posted soon.

Race Information

Race time will be announced soon

Location Information

This event is being held at San Diego BMX located at 3170 Armstrong St, San Diego, CA 92111

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